Terry King Plans


Over many years the late Terry King drew and redrew many plans for his own pleasure and building.  These plans are drafting masterpieces. It was sad to loose Terry but we have these plans in his memory.  All Terry’s plans are price at £7.50.

1400.  T. D. COUPE by Theodore Dykzeul. 64” petrol powered cabin model from the “Model Airplane News” October 1936.

1401.  SMOOTHIE Hank Cole 43” span rubber powered cabin model. From “Air Trails” September 1942.

1402.  THE CRUISER C. A. Rippon 45” span semi scale low wing cabin rubber powered model from the “New Model Aeroplane Manual”.

1403.  FAIRY FACULA S. R. Crow 52”span high wing cabin rubber powered model. “Model Aircraft Supplies” kit plan.

1404.  GB3 Bob Copland Wakefield “Premier Aero Kits” plan 1938.

1405.  KORDA’S WORLD RECORD HOLDER    Dick Korda. “Burd Model Airplane Co” kit plan.

1406.  CANADIAN WAKEFIELD Fred Bower Frank Zaic article in June 1940 issue of “Popular Science”.

1407.  MICK FARTHING MKII From a small scale drawing in the September 1942 “Aeromodeller”.

1408.  THE PUSHER PUP C. A. Rippon 33” span rubber powered pusher “Premier Aeromodel Supplies” kit plan.

1409.  THE NORTHERN STAR 38” span rubber model 1936 “Premier Aeromodel Supplies” kit plan.

1410.  THE CRUISER PUP C. A. Ripppon 29” span version of the Cruiser from the “Premier Aeromodel Supplies” kit plan.

1411.  THE CONDOR CLIPPER 30” span rubber powered from the 1936 “Northern Model Aircraft” kit plan.

1412.  JUDGE WAKEFIELD A. A. Judge from “International Model Aircraft”.

1413.  1939 ENGLISH WAKEFIELD Reg Parham drawn from the origitnal plan.

1414.  LANZO’S RECORD HOLDER 64” span rubber model “Century Model Aircraft” kit plan 1945.

1415.  GYPSY Earl Stahl 1942 44” span Wakefield from “Flying Aces” September 1942.

1416.  1936 WAKEFIELD Denis Fairlie drawn from the loaned model.

1417.  CONQUEST IV Alwyn Greenhalgh 1936 Wakefield drawn from the loaned model.

1418.  AV-46 Ant Voratek and Rud Vesely 1.9metree span glider from 1946.

1419.  KANGA DRAGONFLY 29” span rubber model from 1937.

1420.  ISIS A. F. Holberg 44” span Wakefield from the 1941 “Aeromodeller”

1421.  1939 WAKEFIELD by Norman Lees and Len Stott

1422.  FIREFLY Canadian 1939 rubber power record holder

1423.  THE CORBEN SUPER ACE Rubber power from the Peerless Model Airplane Company

1424.  MS PRIVATEERII Newcastle Model shop power model

1425.  1936 MULVIHILL by Bruce Luckett

1426.  THE PREMIER LION petrol power model

1427.  AUSTER J4 Powakits

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