The plans described below as drawn on computer using industrial strength CAD software. In addition to pleasing appearance, they offer outstanding accuracy, with formers and ribs that fit the structures and contours accurately. All plans £7.50

Old Timer Rubber Powered
801. EUGENE. Ed Lidgard wing span 43.5" span, wing area 190 sq. ins.
802. PUSS MONTH. Lanzo with RAF32 that Chet originally used. 
803. C FUSELAGE. By Lidgard is published in the Zaic MODEL AIRPLANE MEET IN PICTURES. 
804. HEOSLER HIFFLER. Bob Cahil 1935 300 sq. in. combo fuse & stick. Earliest folding prop. 
805. MOTH FLYING ACES. 24" span. commercial rubber.
806. LIDGARD 52 TEAM. Ed Lidgard's 8 oz. wakefield. 1953 Zaic year book page 65. 
807. ULTRA CLODHOPPER. Jim Cahill's '48 team Wakefield. An 8 oz. wake 
808. WANDERER. Art Horak from 3-'45 MAN, an FAC OT stick 30" wing span. 

Old Timer Gas
809. ALERT. Michael LaTorre's for 0.29/0.30 £5.00
810. SWOOSE . Jack Roeser in Bantam 0.19 size as modified by Parmenter & others. 

811. TUBULAR BUSTARD. This is an AMA P-30. It has a thin highly cambered airfoil with a wing chord of 4.75". 
812. SNOOTY. 1/2A gas . 290 sq. in. wing area for 1/.2A schneurle. 
813. BOULTON & PAUL DEFIANT. Modified Stahl Half shell fuselage is replaced by longerons & formers.
814. TUBERSTAKE III. Latest 250 sq. in Mulvihill. 

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