This plans list includes some of the best of vintage, classic and modern designs. Many of the plans are unique to Free Flight Supplies. ASll plans £7.50

D. Aldridge
1. OMEGA 64" span "V" dihedral A/2 published January 1956 winner of the "Queen's Cup"  

Bob Amor
2. LUCIFER The A/2 that Bob flew to 2nd place in the 1956 "World Championships"  

Thedo Andre
SWINGER simple beginners F1A circle tow -  
When the stock of the above is sold this design will no longer be available.
TWEETY P-30. 10, A3 pages of details of different variations on the basic model -  a complete set. 

D Andrews

27A Verest Classic a/1 from Canada  

Alexander Andriukov
3. AA30 (1520 mm span, standard model)
4. AA31 (1920 mm span, "long" model) 
5. AA32 (1800 mm span, as used by Oleg Kulakovsky to win the 1999 World Champs & World Cup) and the 2001 version of the 1800 mm span model. Four different full size plans at  each.

Howie Applegate
5A HONEY 32" span rubber powered  model  

Pete Arnould, “Dusty” Miller
96. CLIMAX 41” span fast climbing open power model 

Slobodan Babic
6. PETREL 1957 World Champion A/2 76" span. 

John Barker
2A LULU 50" span vintage glider, with instructions  
6A FIF a modern F1G 51" span  
21A LULU BABY 30" version of LULU  

Gordon Beal
7. OPTIMIST Classic A/2 glider.  

Eddie Black
97. URCHIN 40” span rubber model suitable for the BMFA 50 gramme rubber class (laser kit available see top of section for details) 

M. Bridge
24A AIGLET 1956 Aeromodeller plan of the A/1 by Martin Bridge   For full kits and spare parts see Kits

A. Brooks
Y-BAR 1955 1.5cc power redrawn by Paul Straney  

Tim Bucher
Plans from the STICK AND TISSUE MODELER'S ALBUM VOL 2. For Details of this book and Vol 1 see Books
84. HENDY HOBO. Giant rubber scale 1929 low wing open cockpit monoplane 48" span  
85. CURTIS ROBIN. 1/2 A Texaco scale semi-scale based upon the 1937 Comet kit 58" span  

J. Buckeridge
8. CATS WHISKER 1946 lightweight rubber 
9. LIGHTWEIGHT DURATION For full kits and spare parts see Kits

Andrey Burdov
10. BIRD DOG P30 high performance model  . 
11. HOT DOG P30 high performance model. A hi-tech version of the BIRD DOG P30  
12. COUP DE GRASS (LAWN MOWER) COUPE high performance model  .

Pete Buskell
21A 1987 Nationals 1/2A winner 

Don Butler
13. FUGITIVE A/2 from the classic period. 

Geoff Byrd, Tony Brooks, Maurice Hansen, Geoff Lynford
91. LAST STRAW A simple classic glider built overnight by the GB for the 1953 Championships after their models were lost on the journey to Yugoslavia  

E Chasteneuf
19A 20 MINUTE GLIDER 53” span vintage glider 

Victor Chop
14. YB-38 Victor's 1987 world F1A Championships winning model. Traditional structure from the pre-bunt era but still a very good model 
15. XL56B/58/59 Wakefield from the classiv period 50 & 80 gramme versions shown.  

Radoslav Cizek

15. XL 56B/58/59 Wakefield from the classic period 50 & 80 Gramme versions shown.                           

26A La Mouette Classic A/1                                                                                                                     

Mike Cook
16. NORTHERN LINE Plan from Aviation Modeller International for a modern hi-tech F1A  

Tony Cordes
7A LITTLE HINNEY a very good standard F1H  51" span  

Andy Crisp
17. MILLENNIUM FLASHBACK Andy has updated and revised his Flashback for the Millennium. Andy's uniquely styled drawing together with building and flying instructions £5.00. Construction based upon materials and components that are available from Fee flight Supplies.
On request I will e-mail copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase. Contact Me

Mark Croome
18. ORION 66" span hi-tech open rubber model 

Dennis Davitt
19. DIG150 contest winning Couped'hiver, 2 versions shown

Ian Dowsett
A selection of Jetex plans from Ian.
20. ARROW 100. Contest winning model for the 100 size unit 
21. ARROW 50. A reduced size version for the 50 
22. FIZZLE QUICK. Two in one. Open frame fuselage contest models for the 50 & 100 
23. FIZZLE BUG Simple all sheet model for the 50 £2.00 

F.G. Draper & A. R. McClean

24. TRUMP CARD. 1950's 30" span rubber model  

Arne Ellila
25. THE 1949 WINNER. This plan is drawn from the sketches and original drawings still on exhibition in the Science Museum of Helsinki.  
26. THE 1950 WINNER. £6.00 (Includes a copy of the 1950 Championships program).

Ted Evans
8A THE ROCKET 1938 Wakefield 43” span  
9A THE VICTRACE 1939 Wakefield 44” span  
10A THE JAGUAR 1946 Wakefield, the winner in 1948 45” span  

Guido Fea
27. LUCKY STRIKE 1950 Wakefield by Guido Fea (Italy) 

Mario Feruglio
28. VELEGGIATORE complex but extremely attractive Italian early 1960's A/2 

George French
29. 1/2A TRAIN, a 1/2A mini version of George’s famous 1960’s FAI Night Train. (original drawing)  
98. The Aeromodeller plan version  

George Fuller
STOMPER 1953 desgn for 1cc - 1.5cc £ 
32. DIXIELANDER KIT classic power model, the original Yeoman kit drawing complete with building and flying instruction leaflet  . A kit of parts is available see Laser Cut Kits of Parts
In 2009 at The SAM 1066 European Championships at Middle Wallop a special 50 year anniversary event for the Dixilander was held. A special "T" shirt is available at £7.50. Image of the man himself wearing the shirt. Commemorative sticker £1.50.
31. DIXIELANDER classic power model designed by George Fuller, fully detailed drawing the later/current version with auto rudder £5.00.

Enzo Giusti
33. LORENZO This model from Italy was probably one of the most elegant A/2's ever built, placed 4th in the 1955 World Championships. Drawn up by Geoff Hindley and certified as correct by the designer  

Walter Hach
BEGINNER F1K. Plans from the CO2 ENTWICKLUNGSGRUPPE AUSTRIA of Jedelsky construction  Pack of 6 3-views of competition models with construction article    

Max Hacklinger
34. URUBU. A/2 Typical German. One of Max's early models "V" dihedral and pod nose to meet cross section requirements. 
35. MP12 A/2 Max's last A/2. Sheeted wing and turbulator published January 1955 

C. J. Hancock
36. SHORTY A/2 Very short nose model published April 1955  

John Hannay
37. TOPSCORE A/2 John was a regular on the UK team in the 50's this was the final development of his design. 73" wing span published in January 1958 

Borge Hansen
28A PJERRI 75 “V” Dihedral 42” span A1 

Hans Hansen
100. AURIKEL A/2 1953 champs winner includes building instructions  

Albert Hatful

32A MERCURY a vintage rubber model that predates the SENATOR. For full kits and spare parts see Kits. Finished propeller units are available see Section 6 RUBBER ACCESSORIES)                 

Stan Hill

29A SANTANA classic US A/1  

W. Hinks
99. SIMON 1949 Gutteridge Trophy winner 41” span  

Dave Hipperson
81. SKYWALKER open rubber ideal design for the latest BMFA 50 gramme rule  

Hobby Kits

31A CARICOA  Italian A/1  

D. Holt
38. CORSAIR 48" span rough weather A/2 published June 1953 winner of the "Thurston Trophy"  

Reino Hyvarinen
90. SANS EGAL 80” classic A/2 from Finland  

Gianfuero Janni
39. SANCHO PEPE. 1949 World Championships Italian team member 
94. NORD 50” span vintage A/2  

Rene Jossien

30A Eros 1953 Vintage Coupe d’hiver and open design  

Jiri Kalina
40. PEDRO & HUGO a pair of chuck gliders from Jiri Kalina of The Czech Republic 

Dick Korda

34A 3/4 size 1939 winner fro R/N models

41. SUNNAVIND1946 38" span lightweight glider 

Paul Lagan
42. KIWI 2. 1969 A/2 similar in style to the Lively Lady and Wishbone designs. 2 versions shown.  

Silvio Lanfranchi
43. SWISS MISS 58î wing span old rule FAI model flown successfully by Silvio and Arthur Collinson. Published December 1954  

P Law
44. TADPOLE 78î A/2 elegant long tail moment published in July 1953  

J.A. Ledezmo & Pablo E Olson
45. OP 18. A high-tech structure F1H from Argentina featuring all the latest ideas including bunt. 
46. OP 18.1. A modified version of 18 featuring all the latest ideas including bunt 
On request I will e-mail copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase.Contact Me
JAL 28 & OP5.1. A pair of chuck gliders. OP5.1 includes a bunt mechanism. price for the pair.

Geoff Lefever
47. OTTAIR . 80 gram Wakefield flown in the 1956 Championships  
48. FEVAIR. 50 gram Wakefield flown in the 1958 Championships designer's original plan)  
49. 1963 Wakefield - Team place 1965   
50. 1967 Wakefield - First of the "long" models  
51. ALTAIR. 1955 A/2 team qualifying glider     
53. OPEN RUBBER. Mid 1960's model, a simplified Wakefield 

Rudi Lindner
54. SPINNE the 1954 World Champs A/2 winner, the Graupner plan plus full instructions in German  

Peter Lloyd
NOVAIRIE .F1H for the experienced builder.  
JAZZMAN. a SLOP or AMA"A" Gas design based upon the DIXIELANDER.  
J-30 A 30" span pylon layout Jetex 100 size model.  
MORRIS DANCER DLG ver 2.1 - Competition Discus launched Glider Jokingly known as "twirly Hurling", discus launched gliders are all the rage in free flight hand launched glider circles (recently banned in New Zealand) because of the performance gained; exceeding what a conventional "smaller" javelin launch model (used for the last 60 years) can achieve. You can now join the "DLG Generation" with the Morris Dancer. Available as a full-size plan, this model has the largest wing area (10.25 sq dm or 159 sq") of all the 36" span plans or kits on the market and comes with 2 styles of wing construction. Unfortunately it is not a beginners model.  35" projected span (89cm), length 32.5" (83cm), weight 110grams.  

John Malkin
55. MISER. 50/40 gram Wakefield from New Zealand flown in several champs in the 60's  

Norman Marcus
56. BAZOOKA 30” Span mini vintage rubber model A kit of parts is available see Laser Cut Kits of Parts
57. EUREKA 50” Span 1.5cc – 2.5cc classic power model  
4A DINAH-MITE 30" span mini vintage rubber model complete with a copy of the published article  

Bryan Marsh
58. SILVER EAGLE. (NZ) 1953 Wakefield entry  

Andrew Moorhouse
A selection of Andrew’s CO2 designs
HELL’S ANGEL 25” span 3/8 scale version of RonWaring’s 1946 design 2 sheets  
SCRAM 23” span 3/10 scale version of  Ray Heit’s 1938 design 2 sheets  
PUFFIN 24” span OD cabin model 2 sheets  

Vin Morgan
20A P30. A state of the art and a regular contest winner in "Oz" 

Edward Naudzuis
12A REARWIND SPEEDSTER 1940 scale rubber 35” span 

Ragnar Odenmann
93. VIKING Classic A/2 from Sweden  

John O'Sullivan
59. EXECUTIONER .1.5cc open power model.      

Dave Posner
60. DREAM WEAVER 56” span classic power model  

Edgardo Sadorin
61. MERAU. 1949 World Championships Italian team member placed 2nd £ 

Paul Seeley
62. 36D. Paul's F1H a proven contest winner.  See the Product Review Page for further information.  

Malcolm Sharpe
63. LITTLE PHUTT. 1951 Jetex 100 power Australian Jubilee state champion - 

Wally Simmers
15A. GOLLYWOCK II Pre WWII vintage rubber  

Reid Simpson
18A. Top Kick Traditional A1 48" span  

Per-Thomas Skjulstad
64. EX-PLANE. Per-Th's answer to the Window Plane. An unusual large chord geodetic PGI trim model  

Vic Smeed
65. HUSSY Vintage 1/2a size pylon power model  
66. GOLDEN WINGS A/1 including full building and flying instructions  A kit of parts is available see Laser Cut Kits of Parts

35A TOMBOY Sport power model

Ray Smith
18A. 1941 MULVIHILL WINNER 36" span  

Sune Stark
67. 1951 WINNER. This is from the original drawing of the model flown, photo's taken at the event feature a different model.  

Ed Stoffel
13A THE ARISTOCRAT Wakefield 44” span  

86. GOSSAMER 32” 0.5 -1.0cc Vintage power model publisher in July 1949  

Sal Taibi
17A. STARDUSTER Hi-thrust power 42" span  

Hans Thomann
68. AQUILA 80" wing span asymmetric wing A/2 published March 1958  

Dick Twomey
69. FIRECREST SPECIAL. Jetex 100 model. The winner of the first Jetex International Competition held in 1949. 
70. STILETTO. Jetex 200 model used to quality for the 1953 ICI Challenge contest.  .

Igor Vivchar
71. PRIMA. A plan of the kit model, complete with instructions -  A full kit is available see Kits and pictures.
On request I will e-mail copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase. Contact Me

Jim Waldron
89. PELICAN 73” Classic glider  

Ron Warring
14A 1946 CONTEST GLIDER 60’ span  

K. M Webster
72. K-18 78" wing span 1960ís A/2  

Barry Wheeler
ELIMINATOR 45" 1.5cc power Published Aeromodeller 1953   A kit of parts is available see Laser Cut Kits of Parts

Dave White

25A Barron Knight II Classic Coupe d’hiver  

Harry Wilkinson
73. BORDER REIVER. The late Harry's open rubber model drawn up by Terry Rose to support an article in the BMFA News. .  For full details of how to carve the propeller see How To Do It Publications for £2.00 post free.

Nev Willis
1956 A/2. Neville has revisited his successful design. The plan has been drawn from the original sketches, an ideal model for the classic period events. 

Spencer Willis
If you prefer to not buy the kit. Spencer’s plans and instructions are available as separate items.
SWEET "P20" P20 rubber model. . For full kits and spare parts see Kits
SWEET "P30" P30 rubber model.  . For full kits and spare parts see Kits
87. P.SUPA “P30” P30 contest rubber model. £ .
88. MINI-MANX A simple to build 40” span rubber powered tailless model  . For full kits and spare parts see Kits
93. MAYZEE A P30/Small open taillles model. 2 fuselages shown.  . For full kits and spare parts see Kits

23A FLUKE Modified F1G to Aile Basse configuration.   

Don Wilson
74. 1952 ENTRY. NZ Wakefield entry 

Charles Wood
92. YANKEE V 1951 Wakefield (vintage legal).  .
For full kits and spare parts see Kits

Mike Woodhouse
75. CLASSIC WICHITA A/2 developed and flown in the late 50's based on the "Lucifer" & "Altair"    A kit of parts is available see Laser Cut Kits of Parts
On request I will e-mail copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase. Contact Me
76. WICHITA. The A/2 Developed through Sixties and Seventies, many times contest winner -  
77. WHIFFLER. A Seventies update of the WICHITA A/2 design.  
78. WICHITA 79/WHIFFLER-2. An A/2 with "D" box wing, Russian hook, etc. -  
79. WHISKAS. Wakefields - 5 different plans 1980, 1981(2), 1984(2) all featuring several variations on each plan from the long series of successful 40 gm models (will convert to 35 and 30 gm rules)  

Roy Yeabsley
80. NEBULA. 72" span advanced for its time A/2 published July 1954  

A Young
3A "1944 Flight Cup Winner"  

All prices plus postage and packing see Postage & Packaging