Model Boxes

The purpose of this page is to publicise the model box that I'm now using. this box first saw the light of day at the 2001 World Free Flight Championships at Lost Hills California. The past few years have seen me and my models undertake a lot of international travel by plane, boat and car. Over the years I have produced a number of boxes all of which proved OK, for a time, but the stress and strain of travel eventually took their toll. A short time ago I saw the box that was being used by Clive Carpenter and decided that I must have one like his.

His box was produced by ABS CASES. I got in touch with ABS CASES and made a couple of trips to their factory situated in London which is located in the shadow of the Millennium Dome. The result was the box that you see in the pictures below. ABS CASES have years of experience in the custom making of boxes that will protect the most delicate items from the rigors of the worst baggage handling systems.

At the World Champs my box was closely scrutinised by many flyers quite a number of whom expressed the desire to have one for their models. There were the odd wags who suggest the box was great it was just a shame about the contents! It was checked over by Lee Hines in this unofficial "box of the year" survey and passed by him as being "excellent".

The box below is 36" (915 mm) x 12" (305 mm) x 12' (305 mm). It holds my 6 F1B's plus all the heavy field equipment (winders, winding tubes, stooge, tracker, motors etc. loaded up like this it weighs 20 kilos. It is not the lightest box but it sure is strong! it's "bullet proof". ABS made mine to meet my exact requirements and it successfully made the trip to Lost Hills and back.

Since 2001 the box internal have been improved. Further trips to the US have been made and it has successful negotiated the constraints of the US homeland security act.

If you want one of these boxes get in touch with ABS CASES or visit their web site for details. Remember that their boxes are all custom made so you decide on what size and shape you need. These boxes are beautifully made and you will amazed at how reasonable ABS CASES prices are. If you are interested and want an unbiased view get in touch with me or take a look at my box at the next event.

The web site for full details of ABS CASES and services is:- ABS CASES