Laser Cut Kits of Parts


The laser cutting of parts in small volumes and to a high quality has now become a practical proposition. Leon Cole of BELAIR is now producing a range of kits that include a number of free flight models. See Belair for more details.

Leon has kitted a number of models from plans in the Free Flight Supplies catalogue. Details of plans below, kits available from Leon. Others are in the pipeline.

For the full range of plans available from Free Flight Supplies see Plans

Do make sure that you have parts and plan matched as for some plans that have several versions that have been drafted by different modellers and there will be minor variations. If the parts are from a different plan the parts may well not fit.

The plans available are

J. Buckeridge

George Fuller
DIXIELANDER KIT classic power model, the original Yeoman kit drawing complete with building and flying instruction leaflet £5.00.
In 2009 at The SAM 1066 European Championships at Middle Wallop a special 50 year anniversary event for the Dixilander was held. A special "T" shirt is available at £7.50 plus postage of the man himself wearing the shirt. Commemorative sticker £1.50 plus postage

Vic Smeed
GOLDEN WINGS A/1 including full building and flying instructions £5.00 plus postage

Barry Wheeler
ELIMINATOR 45" 1.5cc power Published Aeromodeller 1953 £5.00 plus postage

Mike Woodhouse
CLASSIC WICHITA A/2 developed and flown in the late 50's based on the "Lucifer" & "Altair" £6.00 plus postage

Contest Kits
INCHWORM 1954 A/2 £5.00 plus postage


Bill Dean
GYPSY 40" 1949 Wakefield redrawn by Paul Straney from the kit plan £5.00 plus postage

Albert E. Hatful
SENATOR. 30" wing span lightweight rubber, a very successful flyer. Kit plan complete with notes by Ian Davitt on how to make this model a contest winner. £5.00 plus postage a full kit is now available see Spencer Willis Kits

Over the years many of you will have purchased plans from Bob Jones. In the US some Bob's of plans were sold, for a number of years, through late Ken Sykora's Old Timer Model supply (The "American list").

All plans Bob Jones' plans £5.00 plus postage

1948 PINNOCHIO (Laurie Barr) (28")
1950 SCRAM (Laurie Barr) (28")
1947 DIZZIE LIZZIE - land/float (Reg Parham)(32")

Wakefields - No minimum weight
1931 EHRHARDT (36")
1935 GORDON LIGHT (37")

Wakefields - 4 Ounce
1936 MOFFET (Bob Jeffrey) (42")
1937 DUPLEX (Chet Lanzo) (42")

Wakefields - 8 Ounce
1938 CLODHOPPER II (50")
1939 WINNER (Dick Korda) (42") a full kit is now available see Spencer Willis Kits
1939 KANSAS (E. Linn) (48")
1939 GYPSY (Earl Stahl) (44")
1940 CALIFORNIA CHAMP (Tom Engleman & Ralph Baker) (50")
1950 GUTTERIDGE TROPHY (Reg Parham) (42")

Nostalgia/Classic 1951 rules
1953 WINNER Geared (Joe Foster) (48")

American Sticks (i.e. no U/C)
1940 LANZO STICK (Chet Lanzo) (55")
1940 CHAMPIONSHIP STICK* (Al Casano) (38")

American Duration (The "American" list plans plus those marked thus * originally drawn for the late Ken Sykora Old Timer Model Supply)

Small Duration/Sport
1942 WATTIE - Flight cup (R. Watson) (34")

Purchase the parts from Belair and the plans from Free Flight Supplies and you will have a head start to a first class model.

Both Leon and I are interested in your thoughts on what other models could be added to the list. Remember that you are not limited to the plans on this list. You can even get your own design kitted as well.

Spencer Willis is using Leon's services to produced his range of kits for details of designs that are available.

All prices plus postage and packaging see Postage & Packaging