Span 16" (40 cm), Length 16.3" (41.5 cm) - A no nonsense beginners model that requires the minimum of tools to complete. Preshaped components made from carefully Selected Contest Grade Balsa added to a minimum of supervision can create in 4 hours a fun flyer with contest capabilities. Suitable for school recreation activities or club fun days - £8.00 plus post.

Span 18" (45 cm), Length 19.4" (49 cm) - Based on the former Australian record holders' model, this design (now with a carbon reinforced fuselage) allows the beginner to expand their building skills or for the experienced modeller a budget price contest model. It takes longer to build but the results are worth it. - £11.00 plus post.

EPSILON 21 ver 3.0
Span 21" (53 cm), Length 21.6" (54.8 cm) A "No holds barred" competition model designed for those finicky conditions when size matters! A fashionable 6 piece wing featuring built in wash-in for snappy launch recovery is added to a carbon/balsa composite fuselage and to bring your master piece back safely; full details to construct the "Broken Back" D/T system are provided. A perfect compliment to the Wamira. Not a beginner's kit. - £19.00 plus post.

Span 18" (45 cm), Length 19.3" (49 cm). Created for the growing interest in catapult launched gliders, this kit has evolved to feature a "Pop-up" wing dethermaliser and introduces a carbon reinforced fuselage. This model allows you to discover the thrill of flying a hand launched glider without physical discomfort. As a potential contest winner, this design offers the best of two worlds. Not a beginner's kit. - £13.50 plus post.

Span 16" (40.6 cm), length 18.8" (47.8cm). POTSHOT is a unique model, designed not only for the fast growing outdoor catapult launched glider scene, but for the use of carbon fibre as an integral part of its construction and a "Tip-up" wing D/T (the only kit available to offer these features). Reviewed in the June 2003 issue of MODEL FLYER and recommended for fun flying or competition you can become a "Hotshot" with a POTSHOT. Not a beginners kit. - £12.00 plus post.

Span 18.0" (45 cm), Length 15.75" (40 cm). Welcome to the fascinating world of Jetex/Jet-x powered Model Aircraft. These simple reusable solid fuel motors coupled with the ZEPHYR offers the avid sport flyer an exciting low cost introduction to rocket powered flight with the added bonus that the ZEPHYR can be built as a Catapult Launched Glider Created for those who prefer a more simplistic approach. This "Flitzer" all sheet style model is for 50 size motors - £10.00 plus post.  Rapier conversion details.  For details of availability see Jet-x & Rapier

The carbon strips included in the kits are available separately.
POT SHOT - 12” (305 mm) long 0.25” (6 mm) taper to 0.08” (2 mm) 0.007” (0.18 mm) thick, £2.00 per pair plus post.
KATAMAX - 18” (457 mm) long 0.75” (19 mm) taper to 0.20” (5 mm) 0.007” (0.18 mm) thick, £2.50 per pair plus post

Development continues, follow this link for detail Pel-Aero Ideas

Follow this link through to the Pel-Aero Website for more details of the products.

See the Product Review Page for further information with respect to the EPSILON 21, ZEPHYR & POT SHOT kits. Comments in the product reviews have been taken account of in the update of the range.

Remember that additional items such as Timers D/T Fuse Etc. needed in the construction of these models are available from Free flight Supplies.


From a plan by Randy and Irene Wrisley and modified by Laurie Kelsall. A canard design complete with rubber tissue and hardware - £5.95 plus post.

See the Product Review Page for further information


imple rubber powered aircraft - Span 12" (30 cm) - £3.00 plus post.
Special bulk packs for schools are available details upon request.

Rubber powered model - Span 15" (38 cm) - £3.50 plus post. In 2008 the Indoor technical committe of the BMFA is running a challenge using the Gyminnie cricket for further details see this link includes PDF downloads on how to improve the Cricket.

Span 20" (51 cm) - model fitted with undercarriage from which it will take off - £5.50 plus post.

Complete - fits all BMFA models, red 5.5" or black 6" either propeller. 60p plus post.


The kit is complete with all the parts that are needed (covering and glue excluded) to build this excellent introduction model for F1B class. This design is a simplified version of the model the Igor has flown with great effect for a number of years.

On receipt of an S.A.E. I will send copies A4 sized 3 views of the above before you commit to a purchase.

Complete kit all materials and instructions £165.00 plus post. Full size plan £5.00 plus post.

Fuselage upgrade components are described in detail in the Rubber Accessories

PRIMA 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 PRIMA CONTESTS
Look at the PRIMA page for the report and photos of the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 event.

If you want further details of possible further events Contact Me

A P30 Kit from Turkey named "Fantastic" is a simple yet high performing model. The kit is complete with laser cut parts, tissue and rubber motors. £45.00 plus postage.

Indoor flyer 30cm span £5.00  plus post.

These short run kits are “hand made” with care by Spencer. All kits include all materials, including selected balsa, laser cut sheet parts, Esaki tissue. Value for money.

SWEET "P20" P20 rubber model. Laser cut balsa and ply parts, tubular balsa fuselage ready to finish, 2 rubber motors. £23.00 plus post. Build this model and include a Gizmo

SWEET "P30" P30 rubber model. Laser cut balsa and ply parts, tubular balsa fuselage ready to finish, 2 rubber motors. £32.50 plus post.

(Chet Lanzo) A full kit of the 1937 4 oz Wakefield  £44.00 plus post.

YANKEE VI(Charlie Wood) a full kit of the 1951 Wakefield (vintage legal) £ 45.00 plus post.

1937 CLASS C(Dick Korda) (38”) full kit  £36.00 plus post.

MINI-MANX A simple to build 40” span rubber powered tailless model £36.00 plus post.

MAYZEE A P30/Small open taillles model. Materials for 2 fuselages, 1 wing, P30 prop plus prop block for carving. £30.00

BUCKRIDGE LIGHTWEIGHT DURATION full kit £36.00 plus post

KK SENATOR 30" span mini vintage full kit £30.00

KORDA 1939 Winning model full kit £45.00

BLACKPOOL ROCK 32" (j. Owen) published in the Blackpool Club magazine in December 1949 mini vintage full kit £30.00

Prop units Spare prop units for Spencer’s P20 and P30 kits these units feature IGRA propellers. 8” P20 £3.00 and 10” P30 £3.50 plus postage.

Hand carved propellers for kits

LANZO DUPLEX complete nose unit £28.00 propeller only £25.00 plus post.
YANKEE IV complete nose unit £33.00 propeller only £30.00 plus post.
1937 KORDA CLASS C complete nose unit £25.00 propeller only £22.00 plus post.
BUCKERIDGE LIGHTWEIGHT DURATION complete nose unit £26.00 propeller only £23.00 plus post.
MINI-MANX TAILLESS (18” x 22.24”-21.8”) complete nose unit £28.00 propeller only £25.00 plus post.
KK SENATOR complete nose unit £23.00 propeller only £19.00 plus post
KORDA 1939 complete nose unit £32.00 propeller only £29.00 plus post
BLACKPOOL ROCK complete nose unit £24.00 propeller only £20.00 plus post

If you opt for a finished prop or complete unit I will remove the basic materials from the kit and allow a £1.00 reduction in the price of the kit.

Other design hand carved Propellers

VERON FLEDGLING propeller only £12.00

KK GYPSY complete nose unit £29.00 propeller only £24.00 plus post.

If you are you are still struggling to produce your own rubber model props custom made propellers can be made to order enquire regarding details/prices. Check here Rubber Model Propellers for details of what is currently available. Other designs can be quoted for.

If you prefer to not buy the kit. plans and instructions are available as separate items below.

SWEET “P20” P20 rubber model, with building instructions. £5.00 plus post.
SWEET “P30” P30 rubber model, with building instructions. £5.00 plus post.
87. P.SUPA “P30” P30 contest rubber model, with building instructions. £5.00 plus post.
88. MINI-MANX A simple to build 40” span rubber powered tailless model, with building instructions. £5.00 plus post.
504. SENATOR 30"span mini vintage £5.00

A new range of high quality kits. Strip wood and laser cut sheet parts, tissue, moulded canopies, pilot and other parts, propeller, hardware and transfers etc etc. Excellent value

REGGIANE RE-2000 Italian WWII fighter 1/24scale 18" wingspan £28.55 plus post

BELL X-1E 1950's experimental supersonic rocket ship 1/24 scale 11" wingspan £21.96 plus post

WING-DING Inspired by the famous Wilmot Mansour jetex powered flying wing from the 1950's, but reduced to 20" wingspan and powered by a rapier L1 motor. £16.28 plus post

FOCKE-WULF 190D The initial prototype was sucessfully flown powered by electric power -Atomic Workshops Voodoo 25 motor and Zombie flight profiler. The pre production build was built as the rubber powered version and was flown at the 2008 FAC Nationals at Geneseo where it gained 2nd place in static and turned in repeated flights of approx 40 seconds. 1/24 scale 18" span £29.87 plus post

A link to a of one of the flights at Geneseo (courtesy of Mike Stuart)

HAWKER TYPHOON The superlative British WWII ground attack aircraft 1/16 scale 32” wingspan. This kit includes just about everything. Plans and instruction booklet for 2 versions. Laset cut sheet parts, hardware, moulded plastic parts, transfers, propeller and rubber. Can readily be converted to R/C electric, details included. £61.33 plus postage
MESSERSCHMITT ME 109F. A pseudo dime scale model, 16” wingspan, of this famous German second world war classic. Designed for us by Mike Nassise. The model is compliant with FAC dime scale rules and is eligible for Flying Aces competition £19.36. A moulded canopy is available as an optional extra. £1.02 

FLEDGLING 24" rubber laser cut parts and plastci propeller £15.00

If required plans only are avialable £5.00 Also a hand carved wooden propeller (Felix design) is avialable at £12.00 LDON

SUPER PEARLE 202 E-36 Contest proven design from Don. Check out  Model Flyer for a complete review. This short kit is available complete with plan £25.00. Plans Only Booms

SUPER PEARLE 222 E-36 an enlarged version of the 202 £28.00

E36 needs an appropriate power train.

I am regularly asked what items do I need from the list to make a particular type of wing, fuselage or complete model. Please let me know your needs and I will see what I can suggest. We can discuss these needs and I can produce a customised package of parts. I have put together a package of items for both F1A and F1B flying surfaces see Custom Kits

The laser cutting of parts in small volumes and to a high quality has now become a practical proposition. Leon Cole of BELAIR is now producing a range of kits that include a number of free flight models. See Laser Cut Kits of Parts for more details. Leon has kitted a number of models from plans in the Free Flight Supplies catalogue. Details of plans below. Others are in the pipeline.

All prices plus postage and packing see Postage & Packaging