Jet-x & Rapier

Jetex igniter pen (Produced by John Emmett) for wick free starting, needs a “C” size high capacity Ni-cad cell. Now in gold anodised finish for the Millennium! At the same price £22.99 plus postage

Jet-x & Rapier FAQS

Please be aware that there are currently production problems with Rapier products and that Jet-x has ceased production. At this time I am not able to advise if, or as to when a normal supply situation will resume.

See Plans for drawings by Ian Dowsett, Malcolm Sharpe, Peter Lloyd, and Dick Twomey

If you want to know more about Jetex /Jete-x take a look at a site in the US run by Model Jet Plane which gives up to date information on Jetex /Jet-x activities in the US and further airfield. A Mailing list is also available.