How To Do It Publications

Write-ups on the process and procedures for handling some of Free Flight Supplies' products. Some of these write ups are referred to in the appropriate pages.


Mylar Covering

6 pages on how to cover with Mylar. 



Tomy Timers

10 pages of copies of articles on how to convert snoopy timers from the Aeromodeller. Plus two pages from Bob Jones.



High Tech Modeling

22 pages of thoughts and ideas on use of materials, copies of various papers.



Mylar/Tissue Covering

5 pages detailing the process of applying Tissue to Mylar. 



Further Thoughts on Covering

8 pages on more advanced techniques using modern covering materials. 



Indoor Foam Scale Flying Models

16 page booklet produced by the late David Deadman, Peter Smart and Richard Crossley -How to build and fly them.



Finishing of HL Gliders

2 pages by Curt Stevens (USA) on how to produce a super light finish on chuckie wings.



Hi-Tech Modeling

Hi-Tech Modeling 23 Pages of cross over technology as published in QFI.



Hi-Tech Wings

21 page presentation to the 1997 BEFA Symposium.



Covering with Tissue and silk

13 pages on how to cover with tissue and silk. 



Hi-Tech Rubber Model Propellers

6 pages on how to make propellers from carbon fibre and Rohacell. 



Radio tracking of free flight models

8 pages on how to track free flight models and install tracking systems. 



Colour for free flight models

10 pages that in particular how to colour Mylar. 



The choice of covering materials

9 pages on how to select the correct covering for varied applications. 



Rubber model propellers from 1/2" sheet 

6 pages on how to carve a rubber model propeller.  Details on the fittings included. This is a companion paper to Harry Wilkinson's open rubber model see Border Reiver



Ribless carbon fibre "D" boxes

A 15 page extended version of the two part article from AMI March April 2004. 


Rubber Model Propellers
A new A4 size booklet (66 pages and 65 line drawings, many full size) on how to make rubber propellers. A comprehensive booklet that details the process from the layout of the blades through to production and all the necessary fittings £12.00 plus post. Check out the PDF cover Here See Chris Strachan's Review

Even after reading the above book are you are still struggling to produce your own rubber model props custom made propellers can be made to order enquire regarding details/prices. Check here Rubber Model Propellers for details of what is currently available.

The above ideas will help you get the best from Free Flight Supply products. These publications are designed to pass on experience and the necessary expertise gained by myself and others in order that you can achieve the best possible results. Note that these publications are added to and improved as the techniques are developed and refined. Some of the updates and additions are from you the readers, remember it helps everyone if the expertise is shared, updates marked.

As well as the above additional information is also available on the continually updated FAQs pages. The purpose of these pages is to try to answer those frequently questions that I receive. Hopefully it will save you time and ensure that I give consistent answers. If there are other questions that flow from these questions please ask. These FAQS may well form the basis for future papers.

If you are going to build seriously you need to be able to check out data simply and quickly. No longer will you have to look for that mislaid scrap of "dog eared" paper that contains the information. FFS have produced laminated cards with all the details that you need. The doubled sided A4 cards £2.00 each plus post.

Contains data on balsa wood sizes/weights and recommended uses. Ideal for weighing the wood are the small postal scales see Tools

Contains data on wire sizes, machine screws sizes - cross referenced to drill and tap sizes.

Contains details on the servicing and maintenance of clockwork timers.

As well as building and flying models, selling materials and writing about how to use them, I am also available to talk to clubs about free flight modeling and hi-tech materials etc. Give me a call to discuss possibilities my fees are (very) reasonable! Basically the cost is my traveling expenses.

All prices plus postage and packaging see Postage & Packaging