Prima FAQs

Q1. How many modifications can I make to my Prima and still be legitimate?

A1. I quote from a note placed on SCAT by Chuck Marcos. to me his ideas seem quite acceptable. I quote:-

"As for the "Prima" F1B, I built one last year from one of the earliest shipments that Starline received. My first-ever F1B. It was finished just before I left for the Nats and I had it trimmed out in time to get in the seven rounds. Even a few maxes! A few modifications were made that may, however, render my model unqualified for a one-design event: No propeller blades came with the kit, so I made my own (the current kit has blades). The timer was modified for an extra function which allowed auto-stab. I figured that the latter modification would make flight trimming easier to do than making thrust adjustments on the field. The front end was modified to allow winding the motor without the propeller and also to allow the use of a blast-tube. Two structural problems did arise: There were no dihedral braces supplied with the kit or indicated on the plans for joining the wing tips to the main sections. The tips fell off while I was covering the wing! I solved this with CF tow and epoxy. The rear peg has worn large the hole in the fuselage after only a few dozen flights. I initially reinforced this area with excess motor tube material, but even more reinforcement will be required."

Chuck Marcos