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"Free Flight Supplies" site continues to develop. The ideas is to try to keep the site simple allowing for easy maintenance and fast loading. 

The theory behind this operation is to supply items which are needed by the free flight modeller or any other modeller that cannot be readily obtained through the normal model shop outlets. I also believe in the builder of the model principle so what you will find on my list are components, plans materials etc.  rather than ATRF stuff.  I supply the goods by mail order in the main.  I have built this little operation alongside my flying activities and many of the items listed are used or have been developed and tested by myself.  I am not a shop although if you are passing through Norwich you are welcome to call in, a quick telephone call first to check that I'm at home will save a wasted diversion.

You can also find me at major free flight events.  As well as U.K. events I also attend a few of the major European free flight events. I take a selection of my range of items with me to most events so give me a look and make a purchase.  The range of items is now so vast that it is not possible to bring everything so to avoid disappointment please give me a call.  Special deliveries can be made at events let me know your specific requirements so that I can arrange, if you order this way please remember to turn up to collect.

We now have a page on Facebook. Updates will be published as and when neccessary.

I am always trying to extend and develop the range of items sold, so suggestions for additions please? presently I'm trying to deepen the range rather than rather than widen into new lines. Contact Me to send your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you. If you know where I can obtain suitable items, or have something that I could distribute please advise! Keep in touch for additions and changes to the list (the list is usually updated each quarter). The cost is £1.00 plus an A4 (minimum size) SAE for £3.50 or down load a list see below. I try to keep the range of items stocked consistent. However, the specialised nature means that sizes and specifications may be subject to unforeseen changes. If there are any improvements to the products that you consider to be useful please let me know and I will look into the possibilities. The weights and measurements that are quoted are a mixture of metric, Imperial etc. dependent on the source of supply - the supply measurements will be used, derived dimensions will be in parenthesis. Remember that If I've got it then I list it! and vice versa!

If I’m out of stock of an item I will advise accordingly amend the charge and supply as appropriate. As and when stocks are replenished I will advise.

Over the past few years due to stable economic conditions I have been able to hold my prices steady with only the odd adjustment. However the recent problems within the Global economy and the DISASTER of BREXIT and Covid 19 is having an effect on all of our lives. Free Flight Supplies is not immune to these problems. The fall in the value of the pound sterling against most major currencies is having an effect on the price that I am now paying for some of my stock. This means that I will have to increase prices as and when stock is replaced. This will not impact on those of you on the right side of the currency equation, the biggest impact will be for my domestic customers. Please be aware in these times I may have to make instant changes. So do check the prices before ordering.

Come what may Free Flight Supplies will continue to operate!

I receive many queries, I try to answer everybody. However, please enclose an s.a.e. or reply coupon. Please feel free to download the list and pass it on - spread the word, it all helps! Also links to yours or any other site that is relevant would be appreciated, I will reciprocate.

To assist ordering, the list is sorted into generic types or class to which they are applicable i.e. covering material or glider, where possible I try to put in cross references. As it is impossible to pigeonhole some items, you are still advised to browse the whole list! Links across pages are provided where appropriate. Or check the summary index list.

If you a browsing for a friend, thinking of a gift for a relative, or a prize for an event Free Flight Supplies is more that happy to provide you with a gift voucher to be cashed by the bearer for any of the products on the list.

I'm trying to make my contribution to saving the planet so I will send stuff in reused packaging materials, tubes, boxes, jiffy bags, glass jars and envelopes whenever possible. Remember to let me have tubes back for reuse OK?

Although I try hard not to make mistakes on these pages there are errors that slip through from time to time. If you spot one I would be most grateful if you would point it out. Also, if you find any of the links broken please let me know so that they can be fixed.

Click Here to download a PDF format file of the products and price list.

If you prefer a file copy rather than a PDF just e-mail me with a request and I will send it to you as an attached file. This may be of benefit in countries where on line downloading is slow and telecom costs are high. e-mail me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the list. Remember the hard copy catalogue contains less data than the web site.

Images are being added to the pages. As I obtain an image I will add it.

Remember that if you add this site to your favourites some ISPs and software will allow you to set a an automatic message to advise you of site updates.

Emailing your queries/questions before you place an order can help me more easily satisfy your needs. It will help expedite your order if all the details of your order are placed in the body of the e-mail rather than in an attached file. Sometimes there are problems opening the file, or the format gets distorted by either yours or my software, plus there is always the danger of the accidental virus transmission!

E-mail your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.