Non Aero Modellers

Although set up to meet the needs of myself and fellow aero modellers since coming of the Worldwide Web my list of supplies has become exposed to the wider World. As a result I have made contacts and sold my products into other areas. I've also been know to give advice on the use of my supplies for non aero modelling purposes. For interest I've listed below some of these relationships. There is no doubt that many others use my products in ways that I never expected, companies involved in military equipment have also been to my door.

Boat modellers - Well there is the modelling relationship so this link is fairly obvious and should be expected.

Full size - Not just the modellers but the full-size boat and plane people have used my materials as well.

Fishing - I've sold carbon rod for fishing floats as well as carbon cloth and epoxy for rod repairs, this also included advice on the use of the products.

War games - Carbon fibre rod for game characters.

Clocks - Carbon tubes make for good pendulums.

Musical instruments - Many producers of stringed instruments have found that carbon fibre is an ideal material to strengthen and stiffen their instruments. I've also sold metal sheet for other parts of the instruments.

Protection - I've sold Kevlar to guys wanting to protect sharp machinery blades as well as animal lovers wanted teeth proof dog blankets. Apparently horses benefit from Kevlar in the blankets as well. What about padding out your motorcycling gear.

Education - A number of schools and universities have used my hi-tech materials in various engineering and science projects.

Art - I have had artists use Mylar, tubing and hi-tech materials both as part of their projects as well as input into achieving their goals. Even motorcycle tank art from the chequer board effect of woven carbon cloth. Lynda Monk of Purple Missus uses the polyester tissue in her work on surface fabrics

Theatre and Film - Having mentioned art the theatrical activities have been supported with timers activating props and batteries used to operate lighting in dance routines. So next time you are in the theatre and see an opponent of Zorro's trousers drop after a flash of the sword, it's my timer what did it! Film studios have used various materials in the production of their sets.

Book Binding - Modelespan tissue is used in book binding and book repairs.

Model kits - A wide range of model kits are using my materials in their kits, military modellers amongst others.

Accoustics - Mylar for cone adaptor accoustic window.

Unknown to me there are probably many other uses that my supplies have been used for so if you have another use do let me know.